Hi and welcome to my new followers. I don’t ever expect anyone to read what I have to say, but here you are. Reading. Thank you. It really does mean a lot. 🥰

So I don’t really like to talk about covid and lockdown, because well, it’s just depressing isn’t it. But I do hope that news will be good today. That schools can go back. I know that Darcey is really struggling at the moment. Her mental health is down. Her attitude is up and we are clashing a heck of a lot! She’s been doing so well with home learning though. As Matt has been doing most of the learning with her, he needs a medal! He’s been absolutely amazing. I know he has wanted to give up many times and feels like he isn’t doing a good job, but I’ve been trying to let him know on a regular basis that he is, in fact, doing a fantastic job with Darcey. I still don’t think he believes that though…

We do miss going out to places, seeing friends and family. I’m just so grateful I have a small ‘bubble’ of people who are still present in my life. And for the sake of Darcey’s well being, we do have contact with her best friend. She has been finding not being at school very tough and I think there are a lot of children out there in the same situation. We should be applauding our children. Us as adults are having a difficult time and we know the impact of what’s going on. Our children have no idea of the impact and are struggling the most. Things need to go back to normal, quickly because she can’t go on like this much longer. Please Boris, please let her go back to school where she can be with her friends, learn and thrive again!

If you want to follow my running journey, please follow me on Instagram @walker_fmw. I’ve been a bit slack in the last couple of weeks, but I’m determined to get the last two and half stone off before the year is up! So I need to stop making excuses and get running again.

I’m also still trying to get @bear_and_moo_ some more followers. It’s mostly digital art at the moment, but I will be going back to where it all started and making some more bits with fabric. Mainly hair bows. I’m also hoping to move into the resin world! Watch this space…

I’d like to continue with the blog and do some recipes. So there is plenty to be getting on with. I just need to make a plan and start it all.

Darcey had a go at screen printing a few weeks back, she loved doing it and this top has lasted a few washes already! Really impressed with ‘Hunt the moon’ and all the supplies they have!
We had a couple of days of snow fun (snow isn’t fun). We don’t get a lot of snow in the U.K. but we did buy a sled a few years back. It gets used once a year…
Some home learning with Dienes. Learning place value and how to multiply.
When these two get on. My world is great! 🥰

Recent makes

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all keeping well. So my Instagram account is fully functional now and Matt is helping with the Facebook account (I cant seem to remember my password for instagram to link the accounts together🤦🏽‍♀️). So here are some makes I have recently completed.

My sister in law challenged me to make a peg bag. First attempt is pretty awesome!
I love this idea I found on Pinterest. I used my new Cricut Joy for this project.
Super heroes are not just for boys.
A teeny tiny bauble for Darcey’s teacher, who is having her first baby this year.
And a bike bag for Marnie. Personal use only.

I definitely feel more confident on the sewing machine now, but those bigger makes will have to wait. I’m really enjoying doing the bows, but still working on how I’m going to clip boys bow ties. A few ideas I’ve had haven’t quite worked yet.

In other news. Darcey is really enjoying her lockdown school and her report this year has, once again been amazing all round. Exceeding in reading and writing, expected in maths, but I’m sure since she has been home schooling, we have changed that to exceeding too! We found out she is going to be a Jaguar in Year 2. Not sure if the whole school is going with the big cat theme this year or just her class, but I like it!

I did have a go at doing a video tutorial for making glitter baubles, it didn’t go down too well. Note to self: don’t do videos with two children in ear shot. It doesn’t work. Back to the drawing board on that one. 🤦🏽‍♀️