It’s starting now!

Hi everyone. Starting week seven of lockdown and I’m still feeling positive about the situation. Bear&Moo is beginning to blossom and it’s looking good. A few tweaks and I’ll be ready! I’ve started small with hair bows for the girls. The picture advertises Disney and Peppa pig brands, but I will not be selling these. They are for personal use only because of licensing laws. I’m not dealing with the chance of being sued.

Peppa Pig bow for Moo.
Toy story bow for Bear.

The girls love them and for my first project on the sewing machine I recently bought, I think they’re adorable! I have purchased other styles of fabric from Rosie’s craft shop. First time ordering from them, but they do a fantastic range of fabrics for crafters. So I will definitely go back and buy more!

I’ve also started making (shhhhh) Christmas tree baubles… what else is there to do with all the free time I have now?!

Using Cricut own brand permanent vinyl these look so good!

I’m thinking of doing videos on how to make these, but is it something needed? I mean, there are already a lot of videos on how to make them. Will anyone watch mine? Only one way to find out, I guess!